The Irish, with their diligence and good-natured humour, have managed to build through the centuries one of the finest education systems all around the world. Prominent Irish universities offer advanced courses on Technology, Economics and Natural Science. Ireland has numerous universities that offer world-class academic training to the students of the structured, pragmatic disciplines.

In the last few decades, Ireland has established itself as one of Europe’s most powerful economies. An industrial reform has attracted various multinational organizations such as AirBnB, Google, Pfizer and Dell to set up here. A degree from Ireland will also raise your chances at getting work opportunities here.

People with an acumen for literature and history will thoroughly enjoy not only its intensive courses on the same, but also the atmosphere of the location. Ireland has a rich history and the people here enjoy art, travel and culture. The preservation of their rich heritage is understandably very important to them. Besides, due to its proximity to the UK, it is a splendid channel to major cities such as London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

High demand courses that Ireland offers include but are not limited to Business Analytics, Investment banking and Finance, Big data/Data Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Construction, etc. The best universities to apply are UCD, TCD. Institutions that have a concentration of Indian students include Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Business School, Dublin City University, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Griffith College and Limerick Institute of Technology.

Compared to its counterparts, Ireland makes the whole process of applying to universities simple and clear. However, if you wish to explore other EU nations, you will have to apply and obtain a multiple entry visa for the Schengen Zone. A Schengen Visa is not valid in Ireland. Working while studying is a great way to supplement your income. International students are permitted to work for upto 20 hours a week. Ensure that your visa has a stamp 2 as part of your work permit.

The Irish Universities are popular for their social activities. Endless sports clubs, academic sororities, drama clubs, political societies are all cheap, challenging and entertaining ways to enhance your social life in Ireland. What’s more, Ireland also offers great discounts for student leisure, music and literature.. All in all, Ireland tries as hard as possible to make your educational as well as social experience there as enjoyable as possible. Besides, Ireland is famous for its architecture and picturesque landscapes. The Irish are known for their love for the finer things in life. One such popular tradition is what they call Ceilidhs (kay-lees). These parties generally entail lively music to which couples dance based on a caller’s instructions.

Ireland is a great place to go to in order to experience the best of both educational and social experiences. The exposure to academic, professional and cultural dynamics of the country itself and all the people from around the world make the duration of your course fly by.