Career Options For Health Science Students In United Kingdom

A health science degree is a doorway to the entire healthcare industry.

A bachelor’s in health science prepares you to take on interesting yet challenging healthcare roles in education, administration, sales, and advanced clinical services. If you want to kickstart your career in the healthcare industry, a degree in health science is one of the best courses to Study in UK for Indian Students.

Explore the diverse career options available for health science undergraduates in the UK and pick the one for you. Our study abroad consultants have put together a list of popular health science careers based on intensive research and recent studies.

Top 5 Career Options for Health Science Students in United Kingdom:

1.    Health Educator– Teach individuals and communities helpful strategies that promote a healthy lifestyle. As a health education specialist, you will be developing health programs that assess the needs of the community, address their concerns, and help them manage existing health conditions.

2.    Clinical Social Worker– If you love connecting with new people, there is nothing better than being a healthcare social worker. Study in UK and give back to the community by working with specific populations and helping them access various health services.

3.    Health Science Writer– Nowadays, people often raise their health concerns on the internet before seeing an experienced doctor. If you enjoy researching and writing, you can work with health care publications, businesses, and organizations to publish scientifically-oriented pieces on health-related topics.

4.    Administrative– Working behind a desk in the healthcare industry also requires a deeper understanding of clinical work to maintain health care system standards. Many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in health science.

  • Medical And Health Services Managers– Every health care facility, clinic, managed care organization, or public health agency hires health care administrators who can plan, direct, or coordinate various medical and health services.
  • Claims Reviewer– Health insurance companies hire health science undergraduates to review health-related claims and make informed decisions. As a claim reviewer, you will decide whether the claim is valid, whether the costs are reasonable, etc.
  • Pharmacy Sales Representative– Work in the administrative sales department and educate medical practitioners about new medical equipment and drugs. You can also work with wholesalers or manufacturers to help them sell newly launched healthcare products.

5.    Advanced Clinical Positions– Many clinical jobs require advanced education and training. Completing a degree in health science is the first step to entering a graduate or professional school program. With a strong grasp on core concepts learned in the bachelor’s program, you can opt for various master’s level programs to join the high-end healthcare professional workforce. Connect with our study abroad consultants to help you decide your career path. Common job titles in advanced clinical positions are as follows:

  • Physical Therapist– Use physiotherapy to help people regain movement and function after an injury or illness. You can become a physical therapist with a professional degree in physical therapy (DPT).
  • Dentist- With an advanced degree in dentistry, diagnose patients with problems in their teeth, gums, or related parts of the mouth and advise them about oral health and disease prevention.
  • Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist– An optometrist is basically an eye doctor who examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases and disorders of the eye. where an ophthalmologist performs surgical treatments for eye diseases
  • Physician Assistant– Assist physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers with examination, diagnosis, and treatment. You can also become a physician by completing an MBBS course and a post-graduate (MD) course in general medicine.
  • Audiologist– Help patients with problems related to hearing, balance, and other neural systems. Complete a doctoral degree in audiology (AudD) to become an audiologist.
  • Occupational Therapist– As an occupational therapist, you will be helping injured, ill, or disabled patients develop useful skills needed for everyday activities. You can practise as an OT with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in occupational therapy.
  • Pharmacist– Gain expertise in the usage and administration of medication by learning how drugs work and interact with the body. As a pharmacist, you can prescribe medications to patients and advise them on how to use them safely.
  • Veterinarian– If you have a soft side for animals and want to work to protect public health, then get a professional degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) and treat diseased or injured animals.
  • Biostatisticians- As a biostatistician, you will use mathematics and statistics to research, design studies, and interpret collected data to answer medical questions.
  • Dietician– Get an advanced degree in nutrition science and work with patients to improve their diet as per their diagnosis or other health-related reasons.

A degree in health science can open doors to various job opportunities all over the world. It is best to choose a career path and plan accordingly. Our study abroad consultants can guide you at every step of your journey and help you plan ahead.