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Switzerland is renowned as the hospitality studies hub of the world and offers several compelling reasons for Indian students to consider studying there for higher education. With specialized programs, a multilingual environment, and a focus on safety and quality of life, Switzerland provides a unique and enriching educational experience. Let's explore the details of why studying in Switzerland can be an excellent choice:


    Specialized Programs

    Switzerland is known for its specialized programs in various fields, particularly in hospitality management, tourism, luxury brand management, finance, and international relations. Indian students aspiring to build careers in these areas often choose Switzerland for its expertise, industry connections, and practical-oriented curriculum. Studying in Switzerland allows students to gain specialized knowledge and skills that are highly valued in the global job market.

    Multilingual Environment

    Switzerland is a multilingual country with four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. This linguistic diversity attracts students who wish to improve their language skills or pursue studies in a particular language. Many universities in Switzerland offer programs in English, making it accessible to international students. The opportunity to immerse oneself in a multilingual environment enhances cultural understanding and provides a valuable asset for future career prospects.

    Safety and Quality of Life

    Switzerland is renowned for its safety, quality of life, and breathtaking natural landscapes. The country offers a high standard of living, efficient public services, and a well-maintained infrastructure. Swiss cities are known for their cleanliness, safety, and cultural richness, providing a conducive environment for international students to thrive academically and personally. The welcoming and inclusive nature of Swiss society creates a sense of belonging for students from all backgrounds.

    General Academic Information

    Here are some general academic details to consider when planning your education in Switzerland:

    Undergraduate Program

    Public University: CHF 1000 to CHF 2000 annually

    Private University: CHF 10,000 to CHF 25,000 annually

    Duration: Varies, typically 3 years

    Post-study work visa duration: 6 months

    Postgraduate Master's Degree

    Public University: CHF 1000 to CHF 2000 annually

    Private University: CHF 10,000 to CHF 30,000 annually

    Duration: Varies, typically 1-2 years

    Post-study work visa duration: 6 months

    Doctoral Degree

    Public University: CHF 200 to CHF 500 per semester

    Private University: CHF 10,000 to CHF 30,000 annually

    Duration: Varies, typically 3-5 years

    Post-study work visa duration: 6 months

    *Please note that these are average fees and may vary depending on the university and the program.

    Switzerland generally offers two main intakes for academic programs:

    • Fall Intake: The fall intake, starting in September and ending in February, is the most popular intake for international students.
    • Spring Intake: The spring intake starts in February and ends in June, providing an alternative entry point for certain programs.


    Indian students can explore master scholarships offered in Switzerland. For more information, please visit the following website:

    Work Opportunities while Studying

    Indian students studying in Switzerland are generally allowed to work part-time alongside their studies. The regulations regarding the number of hours permitted may vary depending on the canton (state) and the type of residence permit held. Typically, students are allowed to work up to 15-20 hours per week during the academic semester and full-time during semester breaks or holidays. It's important to check with the local immigration authorities or the university's international student office for the exact regulations applicable to your specific situation.

    Switzerland does not have a national minimum wage. Instead, minimum wages are set through collective agreements between employers and unions, which vary depending on the industry and the canton. However, the minimum wage can range between CHF 20-23 per hour.

    Additionally, Switzerland is home to reputable institutions under the Swiss Education Group, which offer world-class education and industry exposure. 

    Some of the top institutions under the Swiss Education Group include:

    Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, IHTTI School of Hotel Management

    Embark on a unique educational journey in Switzerland, known for its specialized programs, multilingual environment, and exceptional quality of life. With its strong focus on industry-relevant education and global connections, Switzerland provides Indian students with an enriching and rewarding academic experience. Start planning your study adventure in Switzerland and explore the countless opportunities it offers for personal and professional growth.


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