Build A Career In Culinary Arts In Switzerland- Top Hospitality Schools In Switzerland & Course Details

Do you want to explore the food trail and enhance your culinary skills? Are you looking for excellent career opportunities in the culinary world? Do you want to pursue a different career path that will take you through some of the most colorful, refreshing, and creative moments? It’s time to stop worrying and dig a little deeper. Let’s explore the umpteen career opportunities in culinary arts, which has united societies and transcended cultures.

Culinary art is a thriving and rapidly popularizing art that has transformed the food industry. It’s a mix of culture, cuisine, modernization, and innovation. However, to excel in Culinary Art, formal education is essential to learn about various recipes, nutritional values, the nature & advantages of ingredients, hygiene, health, meal planning, and productivity. Many countries claim to educate students and create excellent chefs, but Switzerland’s experience and schools set the country apart as a culinary art destination. Those looking for a perfect place to study should think about the advantages of getting their degree here.

But, before we start, let us get accustomed with some essential facts about Swiss Cuisine:

  • There are 400 officially recognized Swiss products as part of the country’s culinary heritage. Gruyère cheese, longeole sausage, and Basler Läckerli biscuits are the most well-known. 
  • The consumption of chocolate in Switzerland is more than in any other country globally, averaging over 10 kilograms per person per year.
  • The Swiss eat a lot of cheese, over 22 kg per person per year, and over 450 varieties to pick from.
  • Sergio Schoener, Marchesi, and Irma Dütsch are names of a few chefs among many who have completed their studies in Switzerland.

Now that you know the significance of Switzerland in the Culinary field, let’s start with the list of top Academies of culinary arts Switzerland where you can boost your career.

1. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

This is the first culinary school in Switzerland to get the Recognized Quality Culinary Education label, an internationally recognized seal of approval. It offers a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and provides Swiss Grand Diploma programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry, and Chocolate Arts. It focuses on entrepreneurship and kitchen skills to prepare students for their future professional paths and you will get to experience a hands-on learning mechanism. This institute also offers unique internship opportunities and culinary knowledge from experts to their apprentices. Student accommodation and health care coverage are also included in the program.

2. B.H.M.S. – Culinary Arts School

The Business and Hotel Management School is one of the world’s most prestigious hospitality institutions. With its position in the dynamic and energetic city of Lucerne, it offers a B.A. degree and a postgraduate diploma in culinary art. If you enrol yourself in the Culinary Arts programs at B.H.M.S., you will get hands-on experience and can learn more sophisticated methods of cooking and creativity.

3. I.C.I. – International Culinary Institute

The I.C.I. Culinary School is housed on a lovely, well-equipped campus near the beaches of Lake Lucerne, where students may enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and fresh air every day. It offers a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate diploma in International Culinary Arts. Many fascinating cities in Switzerland are close by, where you can spend your free time shopping, watching movies in theatres, etc. This institute provides you with the opportunity to receive practical training that will add to your professional career pathway.

4. Swiss Education Academy – Swiss Culinary Club

From their Culinary Arts program, you can gain a worldwide perspective of the culinary business as well as the opportunity to learn from top chefs in their state-of-the-art demonstration kitchens. You can also enroll yourself in their summer program, where you will taste the flavour of first-hand learning from the top chefs in the world. They provide accommodation as well as weekend excursions. Immerse yourself in enjoying the scenic beauty of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva. Outdoor activities are there to rejuvenate young minds.

5. La Cuisine Cooking School

Do you want to explore your skill in the sauce-making process? La Cuisine Cooking School will give you a different experience altogether. It offers deliberations on topics such as how to utilize ceramic grills and the best sauce-making techniques. You can also learn how to make fresh sausage, tapas, pastries, and spaghetti, among other things. This school lies in the heart of Zurich. You can gain unique culinary skills and insights from the expert team of Markus Burkhard, a Michelin-star chef.You can turn your passion into your profession by choosing to study in one of these best culinary arts academies of Switzerland. We are sure that these briefs will help you make the best choice ever!

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