Top Trending Courses in Canada

One of the upcoming destinations for higher education is Canada and the reason for its growing popularity is not hard to understand. 
Canada — with its long-standing reputation as a welcoming country, respected universities that regularly feature on the list of top 100 institutions and health insurance that is far cheaper than the USA — has long been considered as the premier destination for higher studies.
Needless to say, in an increasingly competitive world, what matters is employability. Here too, Canada scores high. As many as nine Canadian universities appeared on the Global Employability and Survey 2020, conducted by the French HR consultancy group, Emerging. 
If you are looking to pursue your higher studies in a foreign country, Canada is most definitely a place to consider. Five of the most popular courses to study in Canada include business and finance, computer science and IT, engineering, health and medicine, and media and journalism.
Let us look at each of these trending courses:
Business and Finance
Business and finance form the foundation of the economy of a nation. Degrees in subjects like economics, business administration, business management, finance and marketing are highly coveted by multi-national companies and will give a major boost to your CV. This will open up doors to a wide variety of career choices, such as management consultant, investment banker, accountant, financial manager, financial analyst and external auditor. 
Some of the top courses and their respective universities in the finance and business domain are as follows:
Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto for a full-time MBA programme.
John Molson School of Business at Concordia University for MBA programme
McGill University for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting
York University for its postgraduate certificate programme in accounting
Queen’s University for its Master of Science in Management (Finance).
 Computer Science and IT
Computer science and IT are perhaps the most coveted fields of study today. Knowledge of cloud computing, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence are much sought after by corporates. Some of the best universities for computer science to study in Canada are as follows
University of Toronto
University of British Columbia
McGill University
University of Waterloo
York University
From aerospace engineering to mechanical, from civil to chemical, Canada offers a wide variety of courses when it comes to engineering. Some of the top-rated universities of the country are accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). Some of the best universities for engineering courses are as follows:
University of Toronto (civil engineering)
University of British Columbia (civil engineering)
University of Alberta (mechanical engineering)
University of British Columbia (mechanical engineering)
Carleton University (aerospace engineering)
Concordia University (aerospace engineering)
Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology (aerospace engineering)
Health and medicine
Canada has a universal healthcare system that is paid for through taxpayers’ money. Medical education is provided at medical schools, usually attached to universities. The country offers a three- to a five-year doctor of medicine and doctor of medicine and master of surgery. Students enter into Canadian Resident Matching Service in their final year. Some of the top medical schools as per global rankings are:
University of Toronto
McMaster University
University of British Columbia
Mcgill University
University of Montreal
University of Calgary
University of Alberta
 Media and journalism
Freedom of the press, the presence of a large number of national and local media houses and a largely libertarian environment mean that courses on media and journalism are in high demand. However, you always need not be a journalist after graduating. Public relations, corporate communications, media management are some of the domains you can opt for. Some of the top educational institutions offering courses in media and journalism are:
University of British Columbia
Carleton University 
Western University
Ryerson University
University of Regina
Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology 
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