5 Facts to Consider Before Choosing a Studying Abroad Destination

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a study abroad destination. A million and one things could be plaguing your mind as you scour prospectuses, go through websites, and heed advice from your friends and relatives. Nonetheless, there are a few key aspects to consider and the questions you need to ask to be able to pave the way for making a confident final decision. 
 Here is a round-up of seemingly obvious but paramount things you need to carefully ponder over and gather information before narrowing down your options to one destination. 
 Visa regulations
No two countries have similar visa regulations, and at times you may find different regulations for different states and even provinces. So you might want to give a country or destination higher preference if the visa process is comparatively cheap and straightforward.
 In case you’re really passionate about studying in a particular university or country, which means paying more for a visa, it’s important to factor the cost into your financial planning. This may eventually lead you to reconsider your destination choice, hence worth bearing in mind!
The language factor can actually sway you toward or away from a country. If you dream of studying in countries like France or Japan, it is wise to acquire a basic understanding of the language. 
 You might also want to find out if your chosen country offers the course you want to pursue in a language you are fluent in. Alternatively, you might want to begin taking language classes if you have ample time to apply for a university in the country you hope to visit. 
 Language can be a real worry if your desired course or university requires you to take language tests, and only a high score secures admission into the course or even into the country. 
 Of all the destinations you have in mind, find out their national language and consider if you must devote your time to know the basics so that you can easily communicate with the natives. Also, check out if the universities you are aiming for offer courses in a language you’re familiar and comfortable with. In either case, seek information instead of acting on assumption. 
Studying abroad costs a pretty penny, but luckily there can be ways for you to save hundreds and even thousands on the total cost. Start your search for studying abroad destinations by spotting universities that ask for cheaper or even zero tuition fees.
 Remember to factor in the tuition fees above your other necessary expenses related to accommodation, travel, visa, food, textbooks and more, to understand how your total cost would look like. 
 There are several resources and tools available online that will help you obtain a close estimate of how much the cost of living in a certain country and city would be. Find out the average living cost for a few different cities and countries to compare.
 As rightly said, “In life, as in chess, forethought wins.”, this is no less true for your study abroad dreams. Careful consideration of cost can save you from breaking your bank and make your big dream more affordable for you. 
 Proximity to Home
The distance and travel route between your home country and the potential host country can affect your big decision. Studying abroad means you will be away from your loved ones and your familiar surroundings. 
 Do you want to be able to frequently visit your home, maybe for an emergency or when you feel homesick? If yes, you will naturally gravitate toward countries that are near, so you can quickly hop on a plane, or even a ship, and be home in just a few hours.
 If going away overseas means being pushed out of your comfort zone or not being there for your loved ones, give proximity a serious thought.
 Universities and Courses
You have always aimed for top-tier universities or a specialist school – maybe in the US or UK – that have a higher global ranking. Or you want to pursue a degree which only a handful of universities across the world offer. Before you pin your study abroad destination, try listing out all the universities from different countries that offer exactly what you want in a course. 

Whether you’re split between following in others’ footsteps and forging your own path or confused about planning your finances, advice, and guidance from experts can go a long way. Career2Life is here to help students weigh up the myriad options, budget well, and confidently embrace their study abroad dreams. Schedule a counseling session today.

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