Innovative Programs for Business Graduates in Germany

Germany is known for its quality education, especially in the fields of engineering and business. Many courses are taught in English. Along with a basic master’s degree in business studies, many German universities also offer innovative courses that broaden the knowledge and understanding of key business practices. To help you find the perfect course, our study abroad consultants have curated a list of innovative master’s programmes to study in Germany for business graduates.

13 Innovative Programs for Business Graduates to Study in Germany:

1. European Master in Customer Relationship Marketing Program (MERCURI) – Gain profound knowledge on relationship marketing with a four-semester master’s programme jointly developed and implemented by four European universities located across Germany, France, Spain, and Poland. Attend every semester at a different university and experience a multicultural perspective.

2. M.Sc. Digital Transformation Management – Drive the digital change in companies by building expertise in digital business models, strategic management, and organisational development. This course is offered by SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, one of Germany’s top universities.

3. Master of Arts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Gain a deeper understanding of real-world business working models with the 18-month programme offered by Munich Business School, which is a part of the country’s best university, the University of Munich. It is designed to equip business professionals with advanced economic knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking.

4. MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management – This course strengthens your management and leadership skills while preparing you for the age of big data. It is offered by Arden University in Berlin and can be completed in 12-24 months depending on your study pace preferences.

5. Master in Business and Organizational Psychology – It is a two-year master’s programme offered by the Institute of Executive Capabilities at Steinbeis University Berlin. Integrating the key aspects of economics and organisational psychology, it is one of the best courses to study in Germany to thoroughly understand the complexity of the workings of modern organizations.

6. Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy (EUDIPLO) – The one-year master’s programme is offered by CIFE in Berlin and Nice and the School of Government at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. It incorporates in-depth theoretical knowledge of sustainability and climate, trade and investment, and digital cooperation with evidence-based studies and practical project work.

7. Master of Business Management Digital Marketing & Communication – It is a three-semester master’s programme offered by New European College in Munich that incorporates key business administration subjects and broader modules in economics and management. The course combines case studies and research with a short work placement to make you industry-ready.

8. MA Innovation Design Management – This course by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences bridges the gap between design, business, and technology to shape creative thinking in business professionals. Available in different durations of 2, 3, or 4 semesters, contact our study abroad consultants to help you pick the right one.

9. MSc Strategic Human Resource Management- Another quality master’s programme at Arden University is the MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management. This course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which teaches business professionals the ins and outs of the human resources (HR) industry.

10. Master in Digital Marketing, Transformation and Design Thinking : Complete your Master  in just three terms  and gain profound knowledge of the digital marketing campaigns, strategic digital transformation approach while refining your management skills. This course is offered by EU Business School in partnership with the Universidad Catolica De Murcia.

11.  MSc Finance & Investment- Learn everything there is to know about corporate finance through excellent course modules and first-hand practical experience, and make a name for yourself in the finance industry. It is an 18-month course to study in Germany for international students offered by the Berlin School of Business & Innovation in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts.

12.  Master in International Management– Learn business best practices with a 12- to 24-month MA course taught by IU International University of Applied Sciences. It enhances your understanding of market-specific challenges and sharpens your profile through practice-related content.

13.  MSc Cyber Security Management– This one-year MSc course at GISMA Business School is specially designed to equip business graduates with in-depth knowledge of cyber security. With a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and a practical approach, this course teaches cyber security implementation and management.

Germany is ranked among the top countries for higher education in business studies. With universities digging deep into different aspects of business, there are innumerable master’s programs to choose from. It makes picking the right course to study in Germany for international students a bit challenging.Don’t worry, our study abroad consultants in Delhi can help you find the perfect course with their expertise.

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