Top 5 Universities in The World for Studying Automotive Engineering

If moving the world is something that moves your heart and designing transport is something that tickles your grey cells, automobile engineering is probably the best fit in higher education for you! This special branch of mechanical engineering has everything to do with the design, development and manufacture of bikes, cars, buses and other means of transport. In the near 150 years since an automobile was designed, the industry itself has travelled miles towards electric vehicles and self-driving cars. The field of automotive engineering is thus revolutionary and evolutionary, and growing at nearly 7% CAGR even in this day and age.

If that has ignited your passion and enthusiasm, allow the specialists at Career2Life to stroke it with a sample list of the top 5 universities in the world to study abroad and graduate from. As expected, the top automobile manufacturing countries also possess the best automotive engineering universities. Note that the universities are in no particular order or ranking. They also may not have a separate automobile engineering course though the emphasis on it in the mechanical engineering courses is unmissable. 

  1. Tsinghua University, China: China dominates the world in production of cars with numbers more than double of the next largest producer, the USA. That naturally creates a huge demand for automobile engineers and the top university offering these courses is Tsinghua University. Since 1980, for more than 4 decades now, Tsinghua has been running separate automotive engineering courses. 

The undergraduate programme is taught in Mandarin but the masters programme in Mechanical Engineering comes in English and also offers for a joint course with another University on this list – RWTH Aachen in Germany. That definitely will broaden your perspective and thus should be top on your list if you want to study automotive engineering in abroad.

  1. Stanford University, USA: Stanford prides itself in providing its students with top notch theoretical as well as practical education and that is why the biggest names in the automotive industry pick up talent from there. 

This university also offers you the unique option of the coterminal program through which you can simultaneously complete both your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree! It has its own CARS (Centre of Automotive Research, Stanford), which does cutting edge research in self-driving vehicles and futuristic technologies. Definitely a university to strongly consider when you want to study automotive engineering abroad.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA: MIT is often considered the top engineering school in the world and is extremely demanding academically. So, you can rest assured that its mechanical engineering department will equip you with the most relevant skill-sets to be an automotive engineer as well. 

It is definitely among automotive engineering’s top 5 universities in world to study abroad. That apart, students also get access to its dedicated automotive research hub – the Sloan Automotive Laboratory. Supported by industry leaders like Ford and Chrysler, there is constant intensive research here on making automobiles more sustainable by enhancing their efficiencies.

  1. University of Michigan, USA: Detroit city in Michigan has long been recognized as the heart of the USA’s automotive industry. So, no surprise here that the University of Michigan makes the list. Its MS degree in Engineering Automotive Systems is truly world-class, preparing students to build automobiles from scratch. It does this in the master’s course while using the bachelor’s course to build a solid foundation. 

The students gain hand-on experience and develop real-world problem-solving skills. The university offers courses from undergraduate levels to PhD and is probably the best place to purely study automotive engineering in abroad.

  1. RWTH Aachen, Germany: There is a great demand for this German university providing automotive engineers to industry superstars like Audi, Porsche and BMW. The MS in Automotive Engineering course is intensely technical as well as highly focused. 

As mentioned earlier, enrolling in this University offers you the chance to study at another top university, Tsinghua in China, through a joint course. Whether it is designing, manufacturing, innovation or even marketing automobiles, you will emerge a champion from this university.

There are so many others that could not make it to this list of top 5 universities in the world to study abroad, and are worthy of mention. These include the University of Wisconsin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Aalborg University, University of California, Beijing Institute of Technology and Polytechnic University of Turin.Whichever is the university of your choice, make sure that you fulfil all their admission criteria that might differ from each other. Connect with Career2Life, the study abroad consultants in Delhi  to assist you make the best choice for your higher education needs.

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