The US also has the largest population of international students in the world. The premium education from the US has proven to optimize the careers of students from around the world. The US is also the metaphorical poster for what the entire world calls “the west”. This is because it embodies a liberal culture and an acceptance of diversity that is second to no other nation in the world.

Having capitalized on its power to “westernize” the whole globe, it comes as no surprise that all major industries are concentrated in the major cities of the US. The world comes here to live the “American Dream”: a dream where businesses take flight and luxury is not out of reach. Walmart, Amazon, Apple Inc., JP Morgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, etc,. It doesn't take long to realize some of the world’s industrial and commercial giants are headquartered here.

If you look at world rankings, some of the best universities are situated here. These are premium universities offering progressive education in all fields right from the most complicated sciences to the most intricate arts. Traditional disciplines are offered in all professional fields countable to the human mind at an undergraduate level. USA offers the best courses in Business Management, Engineering, Maths and Computer Science as well as Social Sciences. It also offers high paying jobs to people from the medical field such as Anaesthesiologists, Surgeons, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Orthodontists and Psychiatrists. Most popular among Indian students are the Missouri University of Science and Technology, San Jose State University, Mississippi State University, University of Cincinnati, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and Florida International University.

As a result of their high global rankings, the entire education system is influenced by a healthy competition that helps keep the standards high. Students looking to pursue higher education are exposed to priceless opportunities of exclusive research projects. A degree from a US University is widely recognized and respected all around the world.

The education system recognizes the possible culture shock international students may experience and tends to take every precaution to make the experience as seamless as possible. Universities house an International Students Office that focuses on helping overseas students with adapting culturally and academically in challenging environments. Right from a warm and welcoming orientation program to helping you find information on your visa status, financial aid, accommodation and employment opportunities, the office provides answers to all your queries and puts your anxieties to rest.

Though there are multiple programs with extremely structured agendas that fit the professional requirement of the domain, most courses here are highly flexible. You can tailor your course to make it a combination of your aspirations and your interests. You can also tailor your course to fit your academic and professional goals.

Life in the USA has been glorified by people all around the world. Thanks to pop culture and Hollywood, we already understand a big part of it. The American belief system has been heavily influenced by beliefs all around the globe. All in all, you will find a determined population of fun-loving citizens who embrace you for your difference.