Why Is Career Counselling Important for Study Abroad Plans?

From the high quality of education to the availability of specific specialized courses; from the attractive and remunerative employment prospects to the chance of immigrating and settling abroad permanently, there are dozens of reasons why study abroad for Indian students is both aspirational and inspirational. However, for decades now, whenever students decide to study abroad, hundreds of questions arise in their minds which seem very daunting.

While in the past, there was absolutely minimal information to answer these questions, today there is an overabundance of information available that makes decision-making quite confusing. Choosing the effective strategy and course requires a lot of experience. That is the reason your study abroad plans require the assistance of a good career counsellor.

A counsellor’s importance in your study abroad plans for the future

Right from understanding your needs and aspirations to having you well-settled abroad in the perfect university and country, your career counsellor will handhold you in your study abroad plans for the future.

  1. Choosing the right university:Having examined and understood your goals and aspirations, the counsellor can help you zero in on the perfect university based on the match with its focus and vision. Each and every country has a long list of excellent universities which have their own unique mix of theory & practical’s, exchange programs, course flexibility and off-campus experiences. That apart, campus life and culture varies widely across different universities and that is also something the counsellor has knowledge about. At least making a focused list of 4-5 universities to choose from makes your task of finalising the university much easier.
  2. Profile building:When you choose a study abroad consultant apart from help in selecting the course and university, the counsellors can assist in building your profile to present your best self, highlighting specific skills in your resume so that you achieve your dream placement. Having a strong and relevant profile is critical for success in your study abroad plans because, as they say, well begun is half done.
  3. Application Procedure:Applying to study abroad can get quite complicated. A small critical mistake is enough for the application to get rejected resulting in loss of money and more importantly, loss of time and enthusiasm. To avoid last minute rushes and tensions, the counsellor can provide step-wise guidance through the entire application procedure so that the whole process is error-free.
  4. Visa Application:Usually the Study Abroad Consultants also provide visa assistance. They can guide you with the application process, documents, funding and medical requirement. This is one of the most important tasks and needs to be handled diligently.
  5. Funding Options:Studying abroad can get very expensive and that could be the sore point for many families. The encouraging news is that many universities provide scholarships that can be availed. There is a common misconception that scholarships are only for the most brilliant and academically proficient students. The fact is that scholarships are offered based on country of origin, the course that has been chosen and the candidate’s sports and extracurricular achievements along with academic merit. Your counsellor can provide you information on the multiple categories available under which you will be able to apply for scholarships.In the worst-case scenario where you are unable to obtain the scholarship, the counsellor can guide you towards the easiest and most robust financing options for your study abroad plans. The best study abroad consultants will also help you in getting the most economical accommodation near your university of choice.
  6. Career Building:With your own counsellor by your side, you will not be forced to stick to just the frequently attempted career paths. Like Robert Frost’s Road Less Taken, you will be able to explore multiple opportunities to take the off-beat paths to your own personal success based on your areas of expertise and specific skill sets. Thus, you will have a good head start in your career.

Today, career counselling is no longer a luxury that is tough to afford. Recognising it as the need of the hour, there are many excellent Study abroad consultants. At Career2Life, we encourage you to discuss your requirements, queries, fears and we will help you navigate towards an optimal option. 

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